Peace, Love & Dogs

Need a responsible and kind person to look after your pets? I’ll take care of your pet with all the love and vigilance they deserve. With years of experience and lots of happy clients, your pet will feel right at home. Get in touch so we can set up a meeting.


What makes us different is what makes us better. Really, no two pets are the same, each has his own personality, quirks, dislikes and talents so there isn't one cookie cutter system to caring for dogs. We get to know all the quirks and the issues and work with them, or around them, we'll even enhance those talents. The individual care and attention your pet gets now makes for a lifetime of happiness for everyone.


Pet Sitting

Experienced & Responsible

While you are away, an experienced and caring individual will be there in your place. We'll meet before sitting begins so your pet will see that you accept me as a friend and substitute for a seamless transition. We are not a kennel so we do not board pets, instead, your pet will stay in his own home, with his toys, bed and blankets and your reassuring scent all around them. If your pet has some social issues, we can keep walks to just the two of us, he can sniff, play, pee and exercise and have a great time, (the goal is to have too much fun to miss you.)


Daily Walks

Caring & Professional

My experience over the years has helped me perfect my exercise methods and techniques, so you can rest assured that your pet will receive the encouragement and attentiveness they need. Your dogs safety is top priority therefore it is our policy to limit the number of dogs walked at one time to four. Walkers are equipped with tethers, water, a canine first aid kit at all times. Routes are changed often and we take regular trips to an enclosed dog park. We are never short of poop bags and treats but you are encouraged to share to keep our costs down.



Satisfaction Guaranteed

Rates start at $20 per daily walk and pet sitting rates start at $50 per day. Rates vary based on the size/weight of your pet, daily medications, limited mobility or other medical issues. Aggressive behavior (toward dogs or humans) also considered when setting rate. Additional options available such as extended walks, runs, solo walks, and pack adventures. Longer walks available on request for high-energy dogs, add $5 for each additional 15 minutes (over 60 minutes). Individual care ~ Unaltered males or females in heat, a medical condition that limits mobility, aggressive behavior; all require solo walks (rates start at $25 per walk.)



Canines must be up to date on shots by 8 months old. Pet Sitting per day is 24 hours and during that time your dog will go on one extended walk for play and exercise for 45 to 60 minutes (depending on dog's level of fitness), several neighborhood romps for bathroom extractions and/or on-site facilities* for early morning/late night trips. There is no additional fee for special dietary instructed feedings or administered medication. Here's what we need from you... it's best to get all the info right at the start, less time spent looking for a leash means more time having fun. Exercise & Extractions: Your dog’s daily routine? Diet: What, how much and when does your pet eat each day (including treats)? Health: Are there any existing health problems? (skin allergies, heart condition or diabetes?) Play/Pamper: Where are your pet's toys, treats and brushes kept? Where are your pet's favorite rest/play spots? Your pets peeves: Does your pet have any phobias, anxieties or unusual habits? Rules: Are there rooms or areas where your pet isn’t allowed?




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